Weekend fun!

This weekend was jam packed with fun!

  • On Friday after work I went to Sand Hollow and got my tan on....and by that I mean I sat on a rock in the sun. The wind was intense but it was still super fun. 
  • After the lake we went to St. George and had frozen custard... nom nom nom. 
  • Saturday I went to the Women's AA meeting, and then did some "Service" with the women at HHW. It was good to just spend time with them. Plus, I had a delicious lunch with one of my favorite people! 
  • Saturday night I went to a BBQ, ate some good food and played horse shoes. It was a good time. 
  • After the BBQ we went to Groove Fest! It was fun to just hang out and listen to good music. 

Now it's Sunday morning and I'm at work. When I woke up my eyes were glued shut (allergies)...and they are still puffy...it's really cute. Although my weekend was a lot of fun, now I get to go do everything I should have done on my days off. My house is a nasty, I need to do laundry and I don't wanna do anything but sleep. 

So here's to making sure I get shit done before I have fun next time! 

*Sadly, I didn't take any pictures of anything I did this weekend. I didn't take my phone with my anywhere..which was actually super nice. I need a camera! 

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