Sometimes I have to take a double-take at my own life. Weird, I know....but sometimes it just seems too good to be true. The past few days have been so much fun and I'm so grateful for all the cool things I get to do.

  • On Saturday I got off work and couldn't sleep so I decided to go to the Women's AA meeting. I haven't been in months and I'm so glad that I went! I love hearing women share that have 25+ years of sobriety. Pretty cool!

  • Saturday night Lindsey and I went to Yankee Meadows where there was an AA camp out going on. We were there for dinner and a speaker meeting. It was fun to get out of Cedar and spend time in nature. Plus, I got to hang out with one of my best friends for the first time in forever! 

  • On Sunday I went to Three Peaks with some pretty great people and rode 4-wheelers and a Razor(?)...so much fun! We also went Zombie hunting. The 3 year old kicked some major butt. If I ever have a kid, I really hope she's as cool as Scout. 

  • I also got to see my dad for Father's Day. I wish I could have spend more time with him, but it was nice to see him for a bit. 
On Monday I woke up early with no plans except to have a rad day. And a rad day it was. I got to hit the noon AA meeting, have lunch with a freakin' awesome friend, watched some summer games basketball with Joey and hung out at Horizon House for a while. 

Sorry my posts are sorta lame. I just like to remember what I do....and if I don't write it down, I'll forget! :) 

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