Fans and stuff

  • My dad rocks. He came to my house on Sunday night and hooked me up with a sweet fan set-up. You see, my house was built 149 years ago or something and has no AC or anything of the sorts. When it is 80 degrees outside it's at least 10 degree hotter in my house. Gag. Plus, since I work graves I sleep during the day when it's the hottest. My dad came and fixed my screen so Calv and Gretch can't get out and then rigged some fans for me and it's been amazing! When I got home from work on Monday morning it felt amazing in my house....by 10pm..not so much, but that's cool because I got to come to work anyway. I think everyone needs a dad like mine. 

  • Joey and Carson are two of the coolest dudes ever. Listening to them Skype with each other yesterday was one of the funnier/sweeter things I've ever seen. They're so cute. 

  • I got to go to HHW to make some resumes with the girls in the house last night. It's fun getting to know the girls and it's also a good reminder of where I was a year ago. Plus, they'll eat my cooking mishaps...ha.  I'm so, so grateful that I got to go to rehab and that I get to keep going and giving back. What a wonderful program. I'm very blessed and my life just keeps getting better. 

  • Today (Tuesday) is my "do nothing" day. I like that kind of day. I'm going to go for a bike ride, clean my house and bake some shit. Then I'll probably cuddle with my kitties. Living the dream, baby. 

  • I've killed 3 huge giant crickets at work tonight...at least I hope they're crickets. They look so creepy. Thank goodness the broom provides a perfect weapon. 

  • My bestie turns 26 on Sunday. JONES SODA PARTY! :) 

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