real life vs. summer life

 I'm not in school and my work schedule stays the same year round. Fall, winter, spring and summer really don't make much of an impact on my other duties (work, volunteer, etc), but it seems like there is ALWAYS something going on.

I have had something every weekend since May and I have stuff lined up for every weekend until August. This week on Friday, Saturday and Sunday there is a camp out....I should go, but I am deciding to take a weekend that I don't have to be anywhere. No work, no activities lined up, just free time. I couldn't be happier. Plus, lets be real...with so many activities, my money situation sure could use a break for a week.

While I really do enjoy having something to do all the time, sometimes summer life is more exhausting than "real" life. I feel more worn out on my days off than on the days I work....unless I work and then have shit to do, too.

What I'm saying is that I want a vacation. The kind that's relaxing. Not the kind that you feel like shit when you get home because you never stopped. I want to relax and not worry about shit. So this weekend, I'm going to turn my phone to "airplane" mode and take my vacation, right in my own bed.


  1. I just want you to know that I faithfully read all your blogposts because I'm a big fan of you. I support your vacation in your bed.