As many of you know, I'm a hermit. Sure, I still do lots of things that would probably not qualify me as a legit hermit...but at heart I am definitely hermit status. I like to be at home. I like to be by myself. Some people think it's a bad thing; sometimes I get lonely only having Calv around but for the most part I'm pretty happy about it.

I work. A lot. I see a few people during the night. Score.

I do Horizon House stuff 3-4 times a week. I see people then. And they're rad. Yay.

I go to AA. For a while I was only going to one meeting a week, but lately it seems I'm going more and more. So about 3-4 times a week I see people there. Cool beans.

I hang out with April 6-7 days a week.

I hang out with my cats. Everyday.

As much as I love my current hermit-ness, I think it's time I start branching out a bit more. I have lots of people that I absolutely love and would love to spend more time with....but the thought of getting out of my bed an hour earlier than I want to in order to have a dinner date (or anything) makes me cringe.

For the next week, I'm going to step it up a notch and try to be a little less hermit-like. I'm going to branch out and be a real human for a few days --minus the bonus day that will be spent in my bed....unless I find a bed mate. Don't worry, I won't fill you in on those details if that does happen. ;)

I already have some ideas for the next few days, so stay tuned for that. ha ha

Wish me luck! I'm already cringing at the thought of being social beyond my normal duties. EEk! Hey, maybe I'll remember how much I liked being social and start doing it more often....

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