the past few days and the next few days...

Life is grand. It's about damn time, right? ;) I feel happier than I have in months, I don't miss Jordan like I used to, and I ready to move the hell on. Finally. Sure, I'll always care about Jordan...but it's different now. Before I think I would have dropped everything for her and I couldn't be with anyone else because it felt wrong; now I would be there for her but wouldn't drop my own life and I think I can finally move on. Feels good! 

Anyway, besides moving the hell on, I've had a really great week! I got to go to a 2 day training for a peer tobacco support group that I get to start running. I'm really excited! It's a great program and I think it'll be really awesome! Yay for that!

Today I decided to sign up for a 5k on Saturday. Have I been running? No. But I sure am excited! ha ha

I'm also in a horseshoe tournament on Saturday evening. Weird, but I'm excited for that too!

Saturday night we're having a candle light vigil/memorial. I am beyond excited for this...we've been planning it for months and it's fun to see it actually happen. 

Tomorrow I'm going to St. George with my bestie to go laptop shopping. Should be good times. Plus, it's getting out of Cedar...so even better. 

This morning at about 4am I woke up. I wasn't tired and I didn't have anything to do so I moved ALL the furniture in my living room. I swept under all of it and re-arranged it. By the time I was done I decided I liked it better the way it was before I moved it, so I moved it all back. At least it got cleaned underneath, right? ha ha...and then I went back to bed. 

Life really is so good. I couldn't ask for anything more. Thank God I'm sober and can actually have a life these days. :)

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