A bed, A BED!

my baby Calv diggin the new bed :)
I got a new bed!!!!!!!!!!!

A few months ago someone gave me a queen bed frame and I loved it. The only problem was that I had a roomie and we could only fit twin beds in our room...and I didn't have a queen mattress.

Well folks, things worked out and I got a queen mattress from my bestie. And then my roommate moved out (well, in the process).

Now I have my new bed all set up and judging by the picture of Calv, it's a good deal.

I had Wednesday and Thursday off work so I got busy painting my room (it's just white but it made a huge difference), setting up my new bed, re-decorating, and moving furniture. Now I'm at work and I'm exhausted....well worth it though!

I.can't.wait.to.get.in.bed.today. My allergies have been bugging me to no end and I can't take anything for them (nothing that works, anyway). My eyes are red and puffy...I look like I have pink eye, in both eyes...it's sexy.

Um, one week until I go to Vegas! I'm so excited. I don't care what we do or where we go, I am just stoked to go!

Oh, and next Wednesday is my last day of being a Horizon House client. Holy shit, what a year! :) So grateful that I got to go to Horizon House and meet all the wonderful people. I'll actually be kinda sad  to be done...but not sad enough to keep going every Wednesday. ;) I'll still see everyone, so it's cool.

Well, happy May 5th. :) Keep it real.

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