Today was glorious.

 I got plenty of sleep, all at once, which has been rare lately. I got to cuddle with my cats...well, Calv...not Gretch. I got to hang out with my bestie. I saw Joey and my parents. I listened to good music. I thought about painting my nails...and didn't. I got to see a friend for a minute before work. And now I'm at work. I love that when I get to work, if I hurry and get most of the cleaning done right at first, I have all night to myself to do anything I want.

Things that I could have improved on today: not sleeping past 3 alarms. I missed an appointment that I really needed to be to and I woke up to late to call and re-schedule. I guess that's life, but I really wish I had a somewhat normal schedule so that I didn't feel like such a hot mess all the time. Oh well, that's life. ;)

This morning I tweeted that I wish I had a cuddle buddy other than my cat. I had no idea how many people feel the same way...but after I got 25+ notifications that people had re-tweeted it, I guess I'm not alone. haaha...sick.

Anyway, I work tonight and tomorrow night- then I get a day off to clean and get ready for Vegas and then one more day of work and off I go! I'm getting really excited. I'm so glad I get to spend the weekend with my bestie. :)

Peace out.

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