Vegas getaway and my weekend recap

Vegas was jam packed with fun:

  • poolside for a few hours upon arriving in Sin City. the best part was people watching. i swear some people took as much time getting ready for the pool as they do to go to the club. funny. 
  • went to lunch by my old apartment. it was fun to go over there but it made me miss Jordan a little. whatever, lunch was bomb and it wasn't 20 dollars for a sandwich. bonus of not eating on the Strip. 
  • went to the mall. i sat on a bench and people watched while April went shopping for a bit. it was relaxing and i liked it. 
  • got back to our hotel and gambled! April hated it at first, but i'm pretty sure she liked it by the end. ;)
  • i won 30 dollars...and quickly lost it. ha ha
  • went to the New York, New York- my favorite (or former favorite) place in the world. we went to the Irish Pub because they have a cool band that plays there. turns out it's only cool if you're wasted...so we left shortly after arriving. 
  • rode the roller coaster! way fun. 
  • gambled some more. 
  • met two boys....they gave us money to gamble with...and then wanted to go back to their room. sorry April for being a downer on that little party. ;) 
  • gambled a little more, lost all our money and went back to our room at midnight. 

Lets be real, Vegas isn't as rad as I remember it being. Don't get me wrong, I had a great time with my bestie and it was nice to get out of Cedar. I just don't think I'll be hanging in Vegas often. I am very grateful that I didn't wake up hungover, I'm sober, and I don't have to make an ass out of myself anymore. 

Jordan texted me while I was there. She has something that belongs to me and asked if I wanted to meet up and she'd give it back to me. First of all, it's something that could be easily sent in the mail. Secondly, she wanted me to meet her girlfriend. Ummm...no thanks. Sometimes I wonder if real life is more like a Jerry Springer show than I thought? ha ha

Anyway, the best part of leaving Cedar was that I got to come back and get in my own bed and cuddle with my Calvie. I sure did miss him while I was gone! :) 

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