Crafternoon and stuff

  • I found some awesome bar stools at DI for 3 dollars each and painted them today. They will double as my nightstand...
  • Yesterday April gave me a queen size mattress to fit the awesome bed frame that I got from Maya's parents. Hopefully in a couple of days I'll have a normal bed again! yayyyy.
  • I found a cute little "TV dinner" table for 3 dollars and painted it. It's gonna be my "desk"/laptop table. 
  • I made a make-up bag.
  • I visited grandpa and grandma.
  • Went to dinner with the fam. Pizza Factory =heaven....carb heaven, that is. 
  • I went to AA and heard some good shit.
  • Learned how to make coffee...apparently it's a science to be perfected. Frankly, I don't care...but I'm willing to learn. ha 
  • Cruised with Ape. 
  • Had a surprise visit from Jock and Britt at the truck stop. 
  • Cuddled with cute Calv before work.
  • Realized I have a pretty awesome life. 
I love days like today. I didn't waste the whole day sleeping since I didn't work the night before. Graves kick my ass sometimes, but I'm grateful to have a job that I can do pretty much whatever I want all night. I do miss being a real human in the daytime though....sometimes...:] 

Life is good. 

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