this is a whiny post: don't read it if you don't want to hear me bitch about stupid shit

Urban Dictionary:

Whiny Bitch18 up6 down
One who complains, moans, bitches, or is an all around annoying dramatic pussy.
Anyone who attends, is affiliated with, or pulls for the university of north carolina at chapel hill. If you fall under this category, you're a whiny little pussy bitch. What a whiny bitch you are...
  • I am beyond tired and I'm getting sick. Graves are kicking my ass. For real. Ugh. 
  • My BFF is going out of town. I donno what I'm gonna do. EEk.
  • I was too tired to buff my floors today = no moving furniture in few a few more days. 
  • My house is messy. And gross. I need to decorate in a bad way. 
  • I need to learn to say "NO". I have too much shit going on sometimes and then I just wanna quit everything. Dumb.
  • I'm sick of facebooking all night, every night...but I'm getting paid to do it so I guess I can shut up about that...
  • My nose is running and my head is pounding. And my throat hurts and I'm a baby. 
  • I need a microwave, a couch, a table, chairs, dishes, silverware, tinfoil and a brain. A heart would be cool, too.
  • Speaking of hearts...mine's pretty messed up. I'm in a funk and I just feel sad. 
  • I won't be going to school this semester. I'm not happy about that. I really wanted to go back. 
  • I don't want to be responsible. It kinda sucks. 
I just feel like crawling in a hole right now. Maybe I should sleep and eat and then re-evaluate how I'm really feeling...but for now I just wanna be a pissy bitch. Get over it. ha

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