Go big or go home..

I'm going to Texas for my birthday weekend! OMG! I just purchased my plane tickets and I'm ready. Too bad I have to wait 2 weeks! Oh well, it'll give me time to prepare for all the madness. I cannot wait!

 Here's what I get to do:

  • I get to Jenna! I haven't seen her in over a year so it'll be sweet to catch up and get to spend time with her.
  • Go to an AA convention. First ever! (for me, anyway). I'm stoked!
  • See what Texas is all about! I've heard plenty of good things about this place...but now I get to find out for myself. I haven't traveled outside of Utah, Nevada, Arizona, California since...2004. It's about damn time I start seeing the world! One state at a time...

I can't wait! yay! Bring on new adventures!

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