I almost forgot how much I loved music...wth

Do you ever forget about the things you love? ...or am I just a crazy person?

I almost sold my record player the other day. Why? I'm not sure. I mean sure I need money, but I highly doubt the $75.00 I would have gotten for the record player would have made me nearly as happy as the record player makes me. I'm glad I kept it. Now it's time to name him. The iPod is Jack and the laptop is Frank; I'm drawing a blank for the record player. Any ideas?

I saw my apartment for the first time today and I literally fell in love with it. I had looked at a few places and they were all pretty run down and gross; I did find one other one that I loved but the location was not good in terms of staying sober...ha ha. Right when I walked into my new apartment I loved it. I will post pics as soon as I get them. Yay!

Sorry that I'm obsessed with my new apartment. Don't worry, I'll probably keep talking about it for months...so get used to it! xoxo

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