movin' on up...and out

I get to go see my new apartment in the morning. I am stoked! I am going to live alone- for the first time ever. No parents. No sibs. No roomies. No girlfriends.

No one but me.

Needless to say, it's a big step for me. I couldn't be happier about this move and I'm so grateful that the landlords are freaking amazing. Like for real, nicest people...ever! Plus, I don't have to sign a lease or anything. I am pretty lucky to be able to rent from them--thanks to lots of people who helped me get into this place.

That's another thing. Ya know, I've always had a lot of supportive people and lots of people who would do anything to help me and I always took advantage of them. Now that I'm actually working for things and trying to do life on my own, things have been going really well and people have been very generous and have helped me with anything they could. I'm very grateful for everything I have and for all the amazing people in my life! Even my bad days are not bad at all..I've got a great life and I'm very blessed.

Now for the important stuff...like how I'll decorate it..and with what. I don't really have any furniture. And by that I mean I have nothing but a bed. Ha ha. Don't worry, I have a few ideas [thanks to pinterest.com]:
I'll make these someday of cities I've been to...or wanna go to...
I didn't find this on pinterest but I love it! Great [cheap] idea!

Since I can't paint, the walls might look a little something like this...perhaps.

I love this table. I'm gonna make it and it will double as my kitchen/coffee table. Classy, right?

So pretty much I will have a fancy house and I couldn't be more excited! Oh and any donations of junk you don't want will be gladly accepted. :]


  1. Props to the Paris picture on your page... we should have a Paris Je t'aime Party soon!

  2. I really wish you and Annie would stop licking each other.

  3. Ha, what does that mean Pete?!