I am so glad the weekend is finally here! Plus, I don't have to work Friday night and I have no obligations or plans; I plan to keep it that way. I have one class Friday and then I'm going to sleep, homework it up, cuddle with Calv, sleep some more, etc. I am quite thrilled about it. 

Today I went to the SUU basketball game with Ape. They were down by like 15 at the half but came back to win it by 10. It was a fun game to watch! Glad I wasn't a hermit this time. 

On Wednesday Britt came over and we had dinner and watched TV. It was nice to hang out but I've realized how anti-social I really am... As much as I love seeing my friends and I usually even have fun doing it, I'm just as content to be alone at my house. EEk... Not sure if that's normal. Oh well. Good thing I rarely have time to sit at home and do nothing anyway. 

Two weeks til Sof comes to visit! So stoked!

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