Just some late night/early morning ramblings. Again.

Last night I was getting ready to hop in bed when I noticed Calv was bleeding a little bit. He had ripped his stitches out and there was some unknown thing hanging out of him (I'm not a cat anatomy buff, but it looked a lot like a testicle). Since he was neutered about two weeks ago and wasn't supposed to lick his stitches, I felt like a really horrible (and crazy) cat mom. Luckily Sof told me to calm my ass down and go to bed. And I did.

When I woke up Saturday morning and it was still there and looking horribly nasty, I decided to call the emergency vet at 8am. She told me I could drive out to her house in Parowan and she'd take a look at Calv; I called April and she came with us for the ride. The vet, Dr. Wilson, looked at Calv and gave him some antibiotics in case it was infected and sent us on our way. So...$10.00 later, a drive to P town and Calv still has some weird thing hanging out of him. At least I know he won't die (I hope).

I swear this cat gives me more anxiety than anything else in my life ever has...and I love him more than anything, too. Here's to hoping that someday we will have an anxiety-free life.

In other news, there's a really creepy guy at the truck stop right now. His truck is "broken down"...aka, I don't think he drives a truck and he doesn't want to sleep outside. I don't blame him though since it's probably -13 outside. I just don't want to hang out with him. Or talk to him anymore. Ugh.
If I die, check the dumpster.
For real though....

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