Feelin' Lucky

Today has been crazy. And long. Mostly long. I started another class that meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7pm-9pm. That makes my day 10am-9pm on those days and then I come to work at 11pm. To say the least, I'm tired. I know lots of people who do this and do it well, but I'm not like that. I need my sleep or I'm not nice. I really like the class though, or at least so far. My brother is in the class, too. So that's cool. I wish I had more time for school- I really like my classes by sleep usually trumps any extra studying or activities. Oh well.

Next week on Tuesday I'm going to SLC with the mentors from Horizon House; I'm still not exactly sure why, but whatever...I'm excited.

Then on Wednesday or Thursday, Sof will be here to hang out for a few days. I'm beyond excited about it.

I'm a tired bitch, but life is good. Now to study for my exam on Thursday. Eff you, linguistics.

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