• It's 4am and I just finished an assignment where I had to assess the Klingon language. Klingon is a made up language from Star Trek. WTF. Weirdest shit of my life. 
  • I'm glad I never had a baby. So much more to say on this, but I'm just gonna say...thank God. I love kids and I'd like one someday- I'm just glad I didn't have one when I was 18. Or even last year. 
  • Monster energy drinks are keeping me alive. Again....always. 
  • I have been sober 21 months and 1 day. What?!
  • After I get off work, I have a day off. Yay. 
  • School is about to get real crazy. 
  • I miss Sof. 
  • Calv has been so cute and cuddly since his nutz got chopped off. I hope he's just mellow and not dying or something. I'm sure I'm being dramatic. 
  • Thoughtcatalog, pinterest and your blogs are keeping me occupied when I should be reading "Language, Thought, and Culture". Poop.
  • I never thought I'd love a phone. But I love my iPhone. I don't love that I actually have to charge the sucker though. 
  • The diesel pumps and the soda fountain are broken at the truck stop. Not really sure why I'm even at work. Oh well. 
  • I get to see Sof soon-ish. I can't wait. 
  • My sister got a BF and I haven't talked to her since. Ahem. And maybe she's busy being an adult and stuff, too. Call me, muffin. 
  • Two basketball games this week+me= happy
Life is good. I'm tired all the time. School is kicking my butt. I wish my gf lived here....or that I lived there. But I'm happy and I'm sober. And hopefully I'll graduate one day and then I can move. One day...........

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