Warning: don't read if you don't want to read mushy stuff

I'm feeling lucky tonight. I have so much to be grateful for and so many wonderful people in my life (and kitties).

I am especially grateful for Sof.  She is a bomb cook. Especially grilled cheese; that's a big plus. She does my dishes and makes my bed after I run out the door for school (when she's here, of course); she folds my laundry, too. Sof even goes to basketball games with me even though it's not really her thing- or at least it wasn't her thing...maybe it's growing on her these days.

I am a crazy, usually-way-too-tired-to-be-alive, bitchy lady and she is always so calm and nice. She's laid back when I'm being anxious and uptight. I like that. When I want to have a "craft" night, she goes along with it. And when I ask her to paint random things, she does it. She always makes me cute and very thoughtful gifts- that's my favorite.

Sof will go on crazy adventures with me. I love driving with her and just talking/jamming to music. I would go anywhere with her.

Oh and even though she hates feet, she gave me a foot massage. If that's not rad, I dunno what is...

We won't even talk about when she popped my zit.

Mostly, I'm just lucky to have such a thoughtful, amazing girlfriend. I never thought life could be so good! I could go on- but we don't want to get too mushy or anything.
Sorry if you already threw up...

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  1. brb while i cry a little.
    you're the best.