Calv is cool: Top 10 Reasons

1. When we fight, Calv just goes under the bed for a minute and when he's cooled down he comes and cuddles with me. Besides, we never fight...so it just works out.
2. He listens to me. Any day, all day. And he never tells anyone, either.
3. I don't have to buy him things for his birthday, Christmas, etc. He is happy with my leftover tuna juice and his regular old cat food. I do sometimes spoil him with the $1.00 cat treats at Wal-Mart though.
4. He's always waiting for me to get home. He's cute like that.
5. He lets me take a million pics of him a day. He doesn't even get mad when I post his "bad" pics on instagram.
6. He's a homebody just like me.
7. We both love eggs and toast. And soup.
8. Calv hates football. Me too.
9. He keeps me company while I do homework. Or sleep. Or shower. Everything really.
10. When someone knocks on the door, we're both content staying put and not answering it. Being social isn't really our thing. ;)

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