You know it's bad when...

I miss an SUU basketball game.

I never thought I'd willingly miss a basketball game- but it happened tonight. I opted to sleep. Weird. I felt a little better when I woke up and now I don't wanna poke my eyes out all night at work. Plus, I have a long day tomorrow and I didn't want to be exhausted. I'm still bummed I missed the game though!

While I was sleeping it was apparently a blizzard outside. I woke up to 5 or so inches of snow on my car...I just left my car running the whole time while I showered and got ready and didn't have to do any work to remove it. That's what I call awesome. 

Tomorrow I am going south- to the land of warm weather. At least it's warmer than here, I hope. I can't wait to turn off my phone and relax. It's a much needed break from reality and hopefully I'll get some things done that I need to do, too.

Oh and thanks to Britt and April for keeping me sane. I wish you guys were coming with me this weekend! xoxo

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