My last hours of freedom...

And I'm sitting at work playing on the computer. Typical.

In other news, April and I went to the SUU game (womens) tonight and they won! It was a great game and I'm glad she made my ass get out of bed to go. Usually I'm the one dying to go and can't wait but today I would have been fine staying in bed until work...but I'm glad I got out for a bit.

I am very excited for school to start again! I forgot how boring working graves was without any homework to do- it's been a nice break, but I'm ready for school again. I'm sure after a few days I'll wish I had another break...but that's life. I had some big plans for Christmas break, but most of it was spent working or with Sof- so I didn't get much done, but I had fun.

I'm pretty excited for Monday: I am getting a new phone and a new straightener for my hair. Both things which I have needed pretty badly for a while now and have been waiting to get. It will be a happy day! I'm still counting down the days for my mini vacation, too. Can't.come.soon.enough. I love getting out of Cedar...even if it is only for a short time!

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