First week (or weeks) of school blues...

For some reason, the start of this semester just felt horrible; nothing was going the way I thought it should go and I was getting burned out with life. Usually I'm most motivated at the beginning of the semester and it slowly fades out, but not this one. For the first few weeks of school I have been depressed and lethargic. I know that sounds dramatic, but I can't think of any other way to describe it. Maybe it has to do with breaking up with my girlfriend, working too much, not sleeping regularly or all of the above. 

Today I feel like a switch just flipped and I'm ready to roll. I know that it's Sunday night and I just had two days off work and got plenty of sleep, but I'll take it. Things with Sof are going really well and I got to spend the weekend with her. I went down Friday morning and hadn't slept since Wednesday night. I was, to say the least, a hot mess. I was beyond tired and I didn't feel well at all. Sof was very kind and patient while I cried. Then we slept for a while before going down to Fremont Street. I had never been there at night or sober and it was awesome. We just walked around and watched people, mostly. We left around midnight and went to bed. It was rainy and perfect. 

The next day Sof had a training from 11am-4pm, so I just hung out and relaxed. When she got off work we ate dinner, watched a special on polygamy (saddest thing of my life), and went to bed early. We were both pooped and it felt nice to actually get some sleep. I woke up early and just lounged around until we ate at my favorite place- The Omlet House. Best thing of my life. Seriously, if you're in Vegas you need to eat there. It's divine. 

I cried when I left Las Vegas: I hate leaving Sof. And I also hate the cold of Utah. Double whammy. Mostly I just miss Sof. The drive home with filled with Ben Folds Five blaring, wind and lots of Diet Coke. Just the way I like it. I was planning to go straight to bed when I got home but decided I should be social- so after a meeting I went to my grandmas house for dinner with the fam and then grabbed a coke with April. As much as I want to be living in Vegas, I know I'll miss my friends and family here in Utah. Good thing it's close and I can come visit lots. I think it will be nice to have Buddy and Andi living in Vegas, too. They are moving down there in August and hopefully I'll be going at the beginning of next year, after I graduate. 

Sometimes when I get in a slump, all it takes to get me going again is a little sleep and some time with Sof. She always makes life seem better. I'm happy to report that I will be starting school officially tomorrow. Ha ha. (Don't worry mom and dad, I have been doing my homework...I just haven't really tried very hard). 

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  1. I was a little distressed about you not sleeping while Sof was at her training. I know, I know I get caught up in the details. :)