I always make very specific resolutions and rarely (if ever) finish or even start them. What I have learned about myself over the past year or so is that I don't like strict rules...I like to have guidelines and then figure out a way to get there. So, for my 2013 resolutions they will be broad enough that it gives me room to play with it and still accomplish something that I want to do.

  • I want to take more time for "fun". Oftentimes on my day off I just sleep or I'm hermit status. I know I need sleep and it's okay to be alone, but this year I want to focus more on my relationships with friends and family by making an effort to go out more and have fun. 
  • Pass all my classes again! In a perfect world, I would say I don't want to miss class- but I think that would be setting myself up for failure. If it happens, great... ha 
  • Go on a fun vacation. I don't care where as long as it's not in Utah. I need a beach or something. 
  • Don't use work as an excuse not to do something. Sometimes I choose to go to work early so that I can avoid being social. Lame, right? 
  • Read more. I forgot how much reading school takes; last semester I didn't read one book that I didn't have to read for school. I don't like that. I need suggestions!
  • Be healthier. Be on a semi-normal sleep schedule- working graves kind of puts a damper on that, but it's doable and I need to do it. Eat better. Exercise. You know, the usual. 
  • Don't commit to more than I can actually do. I always feel bad saying no, but then I end up saying yes to way too much sometimes. And then I get burned out and want to quit everything. Balance is something I need to work on, obviously. 
  • Start working with my sponsor again. 
  • Take time for myself to do projects I want to do.
  • Be true to myself. I know what I want but sometimes it's hard for me to be assertive enough to follow through. 
  • Take more pictures, write more, and listen to more music. 
  • Get organized: use a planner of some sort and throw away my junk. 
Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years Eve 2012 and that ya'll are ready for an even better 2013! 

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