Happy 2013- but first, 2012: a review

As I've been reading other blogs about what people did in 2012 I feel like I didn't do anything. Perhaps I didn't do many exciting things, but it was a good year.

I got to spend oodles and oodles of time with my grandpa- mostly at doctor visits. Oftentimes I was impatient, tired and ready for bed during these appointments but looking back I'm so grateful that I got to spend that time with him.

Went on my first "real" date since being sober. Obviously didn't turn out...but it was fun and I learned that dating is supposed to be awkward and fun. Sober dating is not something I'm good at or even really enjoy but at least we got that outta the way.

I have no idea what I did around this time in my life. Whoops.

Joey turned 19 and I celebrated one year of sobriety. Holy cow, time flies!

Joey graduated high school!! I graduated Horizon House- wahoo.
I took a trip to Vegas for the first time since moving back. I learned that I'm more of a home body and would prefer to be in bed by 10pm rather than staying up all night (too bad I work graves).
Oh and I got my house all to myself when the roomie moved out.

I reapplied to SUU. I have no idea what else I did. Lagoon maybe?

Found out I got back into SUU, hit up Lagoon and SLC gay pride with my bestie and stressed about school.

Started school!! Starting dating Sof.

Turned twenty-freaking-seven. Gag. Calv turned 1!

No clue...school.

I cooked a turkey and had  friends over for Thanksgiving.

Passed all my finals, got good grades and had a nice and relaxing break from school.

Up next, some goals/resolutions for 2013!

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