grateful, grateful, grateful...

  1. I got to hug Joey after his big game (as CHS football team manager). They won! YAY!
  2. My mom learned to text. Weird, but cool. Keep it up mom. Same to you, dad...
  3. I have a job...even though it's 1:40am and I'm tired, I know it could be worse. Could always, always be  worse. 
  4. For good friends who care about me. I care about you guys, too. 
  5. To be sober. Still. One day at a time. 
  6. To be alive! And that I get to enjoy new things everyday. 
  7. For fall. I think this just may very well be my favorite time of the year. It's perfect outside, not too hot and not tooooooo cold. Just perfect. I love the pretty colors, the delicious smells, and the coziness of it all. 
  8. That today is Saturday! Not sure why it matters, but I like the weekends. 
  9. I get to go to the women's AA meeting today. I haven't been in over a month and I'm excited to go back. It's my favorite meeting of the week, by far. 
  10. My dad let me drive his car to work tonight. And lots of other times. But I really am grateful for all my dad does for me.
  11. That I get to live life on life's terms and that I don't need (or get) to control everything. Just rollin' with the punches...or something like that. 
  12. Coffee. I can't tell you how much I hated coffee until I started this job. Now we just have a love/hate relationship. It boils down to this: it keeps me awake= I get to keep my job= I guess I love coffee. 
  13. The creepy (lonely) old trucker who "puts his teeth in" to come visit me. He really is a sweet old guy. 
  14. To have a roomie who supports my sobriety and is in recovery herself! Awesome. 
  15. For Ape Dog. :) 
  16. For Lappie (my computer)...oh how I'd die of boredom without it. 
  17. My family lives close to me. I really missed them when I lived in Las Vegas. I'm glad to be closer to them.
  18. My boss. He's pretty cool. And he lets me do whatever I want as long as I get my shit done. Talk about a sweet gig. 
  19. Corinne! Love that girl. 
  20. I'm grateful that my grateful list for today is complete. 
See ya tomorrow for another fun-filled gratitude list, ya'll.

Are YOU grateful? tell me about it...

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