hermit and stuff

  • I've been a hermit for a while now. I sleep a lot. And stay in my darkened house most hours of the day. I like it. 
  • I'm getting a roomie. We're gonna have a "haters" club. No one else can join. Unless you beg. or something.
  • I am at work and it's 3:32am. Gosh, that's way too late/early to be awake.
  • I ate crepes for dinner, thanks to Jordan and Britt. They were yummy. 
  • I am dog sitting Bear. I love him and never want him to go home. But he leaves tomorrow.
  • I'm planning my trip to Lagoon for frightmares. yikes! 
  • Um, I have to drug test tomorrow. ugh. 
Maybe someday I'll think of something cool to post on here. But for now, this is all I got. xoxo

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