feedback...gotta love it.

So...for part of my "rehab experience", I get to attend a weekly group and we talk about stuff. You know, just regular stuff- who is dating who, sober sex/relationships, work, school, relapses, etc. Well I guess I was just having a shit fest this last week because the only thing I was advised to do was write a gratitude list.

Hmmm. At first I was a little put out. Why on earth would I make a gratitude list right now? (This happened on Wednesday) It is now early Friday morning and here I am, pondering...at work. And after only like 4 seconds of thinking, I decided that the feedback was correct. So here I am and here is my gratitude list for today:

  • my sobriety- and all the wonderful people who have helped me get here without killing me first.
  • my H.P. - for giving me so many wonderful opportunities
  • my fam - we don't always see eye to eye, but I know they love and support me and I love them all so much. 
  • my wonderful sponsor- she's always keeping me on my toes and helping me see things differently. 
  • the fact that i have a job and that i can blog about things i'm grateful for while i'm working. awesome!
  • my group- it's a random bunch of people that i would have never dreamed of being friends with, but they all help me in different ways and i'm very grateful that i have them in my life.
  • my cute little house. and all the people involved in helping me get into it. and for all the donations of stuff to make it my home. the latest was bowls from Britt Face! Thank you. :)
  • i'm grateful that i got to go to recovery day in St. George today. Thanks Jazz (and parents). It was fun!!! Yeahhhhh yeah yeahhhhhhh yeah (oh Jack)
  • i'm grateful that Jazz is gonna be my roomie! no more hermit status for me. it'll be good for me. 
  • that i get to spend time with Joey pretty much whenever i want. how awesome! 
  • the fact that i know i could call 20+ people in the middle of the night if i ever need anything. and they will answer. and show up. sweet. 
  • i got a scrabble table! (Thanks Dad!)
  • honesty. people being honest with me and not sugarcoating anything. and the fact that i'm learning to be honest to myself and others, as well.
  • even when i have a shitty day, i know that it's ten times better than it would be if i were to drink to solve my problem. i'm grateful for the things i've learned about myself and just in general.
  • i'm grateful that i got to go to sunday dinner at my parents house. 
  • people trust me with their kids. and they don't worry if i'll be drunk babysitting. 
  • i got to hang out with MEELA 2x in the last week. :) thanks for doing my hair AND nails...even if i ripped the nails off. it was fun to see you.
  • music. music. music.
  • all the counselors and staff at HHW-- their dedication and support makes a huge difference. 
  • my baby sis- i don't see her as often as i'd like, but i'm very grateful for her.
I could go on and on and on..but I guess I'll save some for tomorrow...and the next day...and the next. :)

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