some things i love and should start doing more...

  • thrift shop fixer-upping: buying junk and making it cute/fun. 
  • scrabble: real and speed
  • reading: for fun; not just text books and assigned readings.
  • running: i'm fat and i should run anyway, plus i love it.
  • listening to my records: i love them but i never turn them on. lazy much? 
  • eating sunflower seeds: maybe it's just because it's winter and stuff, but i miss seeds.
  • writing letters: i have a few very overdue letters i need to write to various friends. i should do that.
  • riding bikes: i'm pretty sure i love riding. again, it's winter and i'm lazy. 
  • writing in my real journal: i love blogging because it's easier than writing in a journal, but i love looking back at my old journals...
  • playing my uke: i suck and i'm fine with it; i just like it. 

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