spice up my life, please.

Hi I'm Jill and I'm a blog stalker...I love reading random blogs- but not just any random blogs....I like funny, cute, interesting kind of blogs. I'm not really a huge fan of the my-life-is-so-perfect kind of blogs.

I have a few blogs that I check every day hoping that they will be updated; it's disappointing when they aren't. Thing is, I'm getting bored. I need some new material, if you will. I need your help. Yes, you.

What is your favorite blog? Do tell.

Please and thank you (in advance). :) [creep smile for all of you]


  1. "Colors of the world! Spice up your life!
    Every boy and every girl! Spice up your life!"

  2. ha, thank you Kevin...now tell me your fav blog! :)