if my life were made into a book...

I think I live a pretty awesome life and often wonder what it'd be like if it were made into a book. Here's a little sneak preview of what it might be like if I actually decided to take the time to write an autobiography (which at this point in time I have no intention of doing). 

Title: How I Survived: Jill's Life in Utahville 
Chapter 1: Being Born a Provo-ite: the ins and outs of Happy Valley
Chapter 2: Hating Church; being forced to participate. 
Chapter 3: Finding A Husband: AKA, hellish ordeal
Chapter 4: Just Keep Drinking: A Guide To Being an Alcoholic
Chapter 5: Drinking: a continuation of the previous chapter
Chapter 6: Vegas is Only a Two Hour Drive Away: Thank God!
Chapter 7: Gag Me: I Do Not Like You. 
Chapter 8: Well Hello There...I DO Like You.
Chapter 9: Wow, Utah Isn't So Bad...I Still Wanna Leave
Chapter 10: to be decided...

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