Enna Bear

If you don't know my sister, you're missing out...so I'll just tell you about her. Anne is one of the very best people on earth, hands down. I think I totally lucked out in the sibling department because I got Anne and Joey and I'm pretty sure they're both perfect. Buddy is pretty rad, too.

Anyway, Enna has been serving a mission for the LDS church since October in the Naga mission. She has loved every second of it, including the rats in her shower bucket, the fact that she has a bucket "shower", spiders bigger than her head, and an array of what I would consider awful food. Anne is amazing and has an outlook on life that is unlike anyone else I know.

Since arriving in the Philippines Anne has had some health problems that have been persistent. Being the little go-getter that she is just let them slide by and hoped that they would eventually go away. Three months have gone by and she is in a great deal of pain and the doctors cannot find anything. My guess is because the "hospital" is more like a grass hut...go figure. We were able to Skype with her this morning and she is still very positive, although her mission president said it's hard for her to get out of bed.

Enna will be flying home and hopefully arriving on Tuesday night to the Salt Lake City airport. As much as I am dying to see her, my heart is breaking for her. I don't think she's ever been as happy as she is right now in her entire life. She loves the Philippines, the people, and everything she has been doing. It's hard for me to watch her have to leave something that she loves because of something out of her control; I wish there was something that I could do for her. Even though this will be a huge challenge for Anne I know that she will take whatever comes her way with a positive outlook.

Joey and I have never been more excited in our lives to do the Decker Butt Dance with our sister. We just hope she gets well soon so that she can return to normal and go back on her mission. For now, we'll enjoy every second we get to spend with her! We love you Enna Bear!

“ no matter how upside down it all may temporarily appear, we will have no fear because we know this secret: life is crazily in love with us—wildly and innocently in love with us. the universe always gives us exactly what we need, exactly when we need it. ”rob brezny

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  1. Same thing happened pretty recently to one of my friends who was serving in Mongolia. After forever of trying to figure out what's up, they're pretty sure that it's reactive arthritis and reiter's syndrome. I guess it's some sort of complication that comes after somebody gets salmonella. It causes inflammation of the joints and can inflame places where tendon attaches to bone and the vertebrae in the back.

    Anyway, no clue what Anne's symptoms are, but that'd be a kawinkadink if it happened to be the same thing.