Ed the Wallet saves Jill's life.

Okay folks. It's official...

After 25 (almost) years of not using a wallet/purse, I have successfully used a wallet for over an entire month now!

YAY for me!

Okay, but seriously, what the eff is wrong with me? How come it took me so long to realize how annoying it is to lose my I.D., money, and license every time I need them? This past month has been a little slice of heaven, all thanks to Ed (that's my wallet). I mean, without Ed, I'd be lost...or at least all my stuff would be gone.

So, thanks Ed for keeping my stuff together for me. You're a life saver!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Jill,
    A) I'm excited about your new money holder:)
    B) Thank you for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog.
    I'm so happy we can be blog friends:)

    Sabrina Danielle