I Got Sunburned at the Beach...

I'm totally fried from fake tanning. Wait, before you judge me, hear me out. Last night I was having one of the most bitch-tastic nights of my life...as in I was being a bitch. My dear friend, Britt, and I decided to eat food and go tanning. Fake tanning. It was lightly snowing (actually I don't remember if it was really snowing or not, but it adds a little somethin' to the story), I was cold as hell (if hell is cold), and I needed me some sunlight. What better way to solve Bitch Fest 2010 than to fake bake? None I tell you.

Ah, as I basked in my "sunlit" tanning booth listening to 98.1 with Delila (soft rock, less talk) I thought about how incredibly awesome my life is right now. I mean, yeah...school is kicking my ass and making me want to dive off a cliff with sharp rocks at the bottom, but my life is pretty amazing. I live rent-free (but not parent-free), I get to do anything I want, anytime I want. I mean, it seems I'm always doing something crazy fun and I like my life.

Anyway, back to fake baking...as I was lying there jamming to some sick soft rock, I lost track of time. I told the front desk girl to set my bed for 20 minutes; I was thinking I'd get out sooner if I felt like I was gonna get crispy. Well, as my luck would have it, I stayed the entire 20 minutes. Now if you don't know me this might not be a big deal to you, but for those of you who have seen my pasty, white body you'd understand. One day later and I'm in a world of hurt. I look like a lobster, feel like little pins are stabbing my body and have the whitest ass on earth right now (yep, I left my undies on and thank the Lord for that)!

Anyway, it must not be too bad since I plan to go back very soon. I don't care how much it will increase my risk of getting skin cancer (already runs in the fam and I'm doomed anyhow), how fake it is, or how much it might hurt the day after. I love being warm and if fake tanning is how I'm going to accomplish this during Utah's freezing winters, then so be it! I love FAKE BAKING!

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