lovin' you makes me wanna spill my heart and soul

  • I saw Alice in Wonderland yesterday. Meh, didn't love it...
  • I got to see Tegan and Sara at the House of Blues in Vegas on Tuesday. Heavenly. And I remember it this time (unlike the first time I got to see them play). 
  • Joey shaved his head. What a goofball. Love it.
  • Happy Birthday to my other bro, Buddy. He's 23 today. Weird...
  • School is royally kicking my ass. Still.
  • I get to see some friends I haven't seen in weeks tonight. Yay.
  • I'm in love with Tegan and Sara. Both of them. They are awesome. 
  • I ate at an Irish Pub in Las Vegas. I <3 Irish Pubs more than I love most things in life. Creepy? Maybe...
  • April just brought me lunch at work. Presh. 
  • I'mma go stuff my face with Brad's now. Goodbye. 
oh and p.s. I quit the HCG diet for now. hahaha

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