um, so this one time...

  • i'm pretty sure hacking up green snot and not being able to breathe in without my lungs collapsing is a bad sign. Guess we'll see what the doc says in the morning....
  • i have taken more sleeping pills and nyquil than is recommended for a 7 day period since 9am this morning; i'm still awake. thank you to my wonderful body that has such high resistence to drugs and alcohol. what would i do without you?
  • i can't fall asleep and i'm going to rip my hair out.
  • i hope i start my period soon because, lets just say i've been a bitch face for a few days. or a few weeks. shit. 
  • i need to clean my room and bathroom like it ain't no thang. am i planning to do so anytime soon? no. does this irritate the hell out of me? yes, indeed. 
  • school is kicking my ass. it's awesome....in a not so awesome way.
  • tomorrow is friday. yay.
  • 3 basketball games on saturday = i hope i can stop coughing my lungs up by then. it's really not so great to watch basketball if all i do is hack my lungs up. 
  • i'm gonna shut up now. goodnight

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