bingo, basketball, and black (dresses)

(Imagine me batting my eyelashes, with music playing in the background and pink sparkles everywhere... and then continue reading with that image in your head the whole time.)
Today was a long day. And for the love of all that's good and holy, I have no idea why I am still awake. But here I am. 

It all started Saturday at 1AM when my BFF and I got a brilliant idea to go sledding. Since we're probably the laziest people on earth (not really, but close), we decide to tie the sled to a rope which was attached to my car inside the trunk. We cruised each other around for an hour or so... Can we say HECKA fun?! By the way, it was a blizzard and I hate snow (if you didn't already catch that drift).

As I was driving home I got a picture message from Annie B. of her and her *choke* fiance (unofficially). Don't get me wrong, I'm so happy for Annie it's unreal, it just makes me miss her more. Anyway, she called me and we chatted about how I need to find a black dress by April 10th. I can't remember the last time I owned or wore a dress. This should be quite the adventure. I'm kind of excited about it at this point in the day. Earlier today I was having a mild anxiety attack about the whole ordeal, but it's growing on me. Hell, maybe I'll even like wearing the dress. Okay, lets not get too crazy..that'll never happen.

After I hung up the phone with Annie it was well after I should have been sleeping. I finally snuggled into my bed at around 4:30AM. Barf.

My phone started blaring "I Kissed a Girl" much too early to my liking and at 7:30AM I rolled my not-so-happy-ass outta bed and into the shower. Team pictures for my Jr Jazzies took place today and I had to be in the photo. Barf. Oh well. The best part of this section of my really lame but at the same time awesome day is that my 7th/8th graders won their game!!! YAY! 

After the game I called my grandma to see how she was holding up; she seemed bored, so I went out to visit her. We went and played BINGO with the other residents and it made me realize how much I really do not want to get old. I guess I could always look forward to winning 25 cents a game at BINGO...now that's really somethin!

After a rousing game of BINGO and a nice chat with the G-rents I headed to the SUU women's bball game with my cousin. Not only did the girls win in double overtime, we scored some sweet SUU t-shirts. I love free t-shirts!

Then to top off my oh-so-freaking-cool-day I got the honors of closing the Depot from 7pm-11pm. And lets be real, I saw 6 people the entire time I was there and we made a whopping $300.00...my oh my, life is grand. And I lied...I didn't get to the Depot until 7:20pm because the damn girls kept going into overtime.

Now it's 1:05AM and I'm still awake. I'm tired as hell. I work 13 hours tomorrow and I have homework coming out every pore in my body. I need a vaca ASAP.

(Imagine the sparkles getting more intense and the music fading as my eyelashes disappear from the screen...)

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