my life. just a boring update. prepare to be bored if you choose to read this one...

Sometimes I wish that I could be someone else, even for one day. Wouldn't it be cool/interesting/eye-opening? I can't imagine living someone else's life, thinking how they think, and acting how they act; I would love to be able to do so. It would surely make me realize that I have a pretty damn easy life and maybe it'd even make me be glad I am who I am (which lets be real, I AM glad I am who I am most of the time).

Lately I have just been in a slump. I feel tired, sick, depressed and worn out. I am glad to be in school because I know it's what I want to do, but it's already killing me and I'm in the second week. That's not a good sign. I try to keep busy with extra activities because when I get bored nothing good comes of it. I've been going to a few basketball games a week, coaching my 7th and 8th grade team, and shootin' some hoops myself and I love it.

I have the best family on the freakin' planet. Be jeal. They love me for me, even though I do some pretty dumb shit sometimes. My parents are some of the most understanding people I know and it makes my job of being me a lot easier. Although we don't agree on most things politically..or otherwise, I know they love me no matter what I choose to do; not everyone can say that. My friends are simply amazing. The friends I spend every day with to the friends I haven't seen in months-- you're all wonderful. Thanks for putting up with me.

With all of these things it seems I should be a lot happier and upbeat than I feel lately. I feel like I should be floating around on cloud 9 with all the other  happy people...but I'm not. Maybe it's the snowy weather that's making me blue, maybe it's the fact that I miss my sister more than I've ever missed anyone before, or maybe my lungs being hacked up every time I cough is the determining factor in my depressed state. Whatever the reason might be, I hope that it quickly passes me by so that I can return to my normal, okay-with-my-life-self. Til then, sorry I'm emo.

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