oops, i already forgot my new years resolutions

No joke. I know I blogged them so I could always look them up, but really what's the point of making them if I can't remember them two weeks later. OOPS! Maybe I'll have to print them and tape them all over my bedroom walls...yes, I think I will.

I'm tired of coughing my lungs up. That should stop soon. Please and thank you. Lung god, if you're out there...please make this stop ASAP!

I <3 Obama. I have a t-shirt that says just that stapled to my wall...since 2008. Go big or go home.

I need water but I'm too lazy to get my happy ass out of bed to get some, so instead I'll just whine about being thirty on my blog.

SUU women's basketball team won their game on Monday by 1 point. It was a thriller for sure. Love it!

I have watched five basketball games thus far this week. And I plan to watch at least three more that I know about. This is a good thing in my life.

I cut Mya and Leila's hair. Surprisingly it looks pretty good! I wasn't too nervous with Mya because her hair is fine and easy to manage, but with Leila's hair being almost exactly like my crazy wanna-be black girl fro I got a little tense. The girls both liked the end results and so did their mom, so I guess it's all good!

I am not a fan of my research group. The end.

I got to see Britt this week and plan to see her again this weekend. Yay for friends.

The dentist said my teeth are perfect. No probs there. Woot!

I made a path to my bed so that I won't have to trip over all the shit on my floor. And by shit, I really mean junk...and by junk, I mostly mean clothes. I need to start being less of a slob or something. Until then, at least I can safely make it to my bed.

I'm going to the doctor tomorrow to cure my lungs of this evil disease...and maybe to see if he'll give me some crazy pills, too. Then I won't have to be so ADDish in school. We'll see how that goes. I'm crossing my fingers.

It's 2010 and I graduated high school in 2004, shouldn't I be effing done with college by now? Seriously, I could practically be a doctor by this time. FML! But really, I wouldn't trade my 25 year college plan for anything! It's been a long, very productive and life-changing journey thus far. Thanks M & D for letting me live in your basement all this time (with a few minor pauses).

Speaking of that, I'll be 25 this year. Creepy. I wanna be 15, not 25. So much to do, so little time...cause if you think about it, my life is more than 1/4 over even if I live to be crazy old...which I have NO intention of doing.

I have the best brother on earth. Joey is the best thing in my life every day and some days he is the only good thing. I love his guts.

I miss Enna; I'm super glad we get to g-chat and fbook it up still though. Only 16 more months, baby! xoxo

Don't be fake. It's annoying and everyone can see past your stupid masks.  The end. 

I want to move. I've never been content to stay in one place or do the same thing for long. I like change, I like new faces, new things. I gotta get out of here. Pray that I'll graduate in the next 112349 years so that I can get the hell out of Utah. I want something different! But I also want to be able to come to my parents basement sometimes...so, mom and dad please don't move! Love you.

I need sleeping pills apparently. My brain does not shut off and it is driving me insane. Goodnight fools.

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