weddings, facebook, and me being a bitch.

Sue me. I'm a bitch; I can admit it.

 Ready...set...CHANGE YOUR STATUS TO MARRIED (30 seconds after gettin' hitched, preferably)!

Okay, so here we go. It really bothers me, dear friends, when you get married (yay! for you and that you found your "eternal companion") and then spend the whole day of  and the week following your wedding on freaking FACEBOOK. We don't care what waterfall you saw today, go have sex or something. Don't update your status every 12 minutes letting us know you married the best dude in the world. I mean, I hope you're happy and all but lets just enjoy your time with your spouse and leave your computer out of it.

Below we see this romantic little devil updating his status during the wedding ceremony. Nothing says true love like letting all the other women on Fbook know he's taken now. Way to be on top of things dude!

While I do admit that I update my status like a mad-woman and I like it. A lot. I am not getting married, nor will I be getting married in the near future, if ever. I am not updating my status on the day that I give it up to someone for the first time, making eternal commitments to God and another human, or traveling the world on a romantic honeymoon. I'm just chillin' in Cedar, probably at work or school. You, my dear newly wed, should be doing something else rather than updating your effing status for the world to see.

Have a good day.

Warm regards,                                              


  1. I hope I can find some time during all the hot sweaty sex I'll be having on my honeymoon to facebook. I'm sure my devoted fans will want to know the deets!

  2. Yes, we will want to know. for the record rach.

    But i heart this post miss jilly.

  3. Ew. I, for one, do not give a SHIT about your sex life. Thanks for offering though! xoxo