when i grow up...

When I was little I thought I wanted to teach elementary school. I love kids and I really liked school, so why not? Plus everyone and their dog in my family (not everyone, but lots) was or is involved in the education system.  Education just seemed like a natural route for me to take as I grew older. After taking Education 2000 at SUU I decided I would rather slit my own wrists and rip my teeth out with a fork than teach school. That left me with just one problem. What will I do instead?

Good question.

Here are some of my ideas on the matter:
Tubing Guide:
I would just tell people all the safety precautions and let them float on down the river. I love tubing, so I'd never get bored...at least not for a few years.                                

Since it's inevitable that I'll get bored with my tubing guide job, I would then like to be a:
 Bookstore Owner:
I would love own a bookstore because I could read all day long and I'm sure I'd meet some rad people along the way, also. This women really looks like she's livin' the dream. I want this job. I will do this.      
After my bookstore takes off and I have enough money to hire a few employee's, I'll be free to be a:

Basketball Coach:
I don't care if I'm coaching high school, Jr. Jazz, or a small community college team, I just wanna coach. I think it'd be so much fun. Plus, I'd be a kick-ass coach. I'd get some travel in with the team and I'd get to watch/play basketball and make money. Cool.
In the meantime, I'd still have to check on my bookstore every now and then so I'd stay busy even in the off-season. After I got the hang of things and settled into being so busy, I'd add in being a:

Cafe/Coffee Shop Owner:
I'd be smart about it though and it would be part of my bookstore. I've always wanted to own a small diner or cafe and what could be more perfect than a bookstore cafe? I think nothing. Grilled cheese would be the specialty. 

The transition from this move won't take long, so I'll add in this next one soon afterwards. I will be a:

Co-Bar-Owner: (my partners know who they are)
I've dedicated entire posts to my bar, "Meet Me Upstairs" so I find it unnecessary to re-blog about it. Just know it's gonna be a freaking awesome place to hang out. 
I figure after accomplishing all of these jobs, someone will indefinitely want me to be their: 
Inspirational Speaking Assistant:
Note the "assistant". I don't want to do the speaking or the inspiring. I just want to travel and go to fancy places and look cool while someone else takes the job of speaking and inspiring others. How cool would it be  to basically do nothing and get paid for it. I mean, sure, I'll get coffee and dinner for the speaker and then go explore new cities. Don't try and steal my idea...there are only so many inspirational speakers to go around and I need one of them to hire me!
After I've done all these things, I'll probably write a book and everyone will love me. I'll be famous.

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