fabulous friday with jill and joey

Well hey there, folks! It's Jill and Joey to the rescue today. 
Top Ten reason I love Joey this week:
1. he is buff
2. he shaved his head. sexy little guy.
3. he has non-pleated jeans now. yay. 
4. he acts like a cat. on command.
5. he a self-proclaimed "electronics man". his collection includes: 3 ipods, a cell phone, and multiple chargers...which he has pics of on his phone. 
6. he brags about being spoiled.
7. he watches the biggest loser while eating ice cream. 
8. he can sing/dance like no one else i know.
9. his smile makes my day better.
10. he's the best bro in the world. duh.

We decided to take a million pics with Enna's (our sis) camera. Sucka!

Here we are:

Hope your weekend is stellar! 

P.S. hope your spring break ROCKS! we'll be partying like rock stars for sure! pics sure to come.

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