No. I refuse to eat your food unless.....

Earlier today I decided to eat at In & Out Burger. Yummy.

Then I noticed the ridiculous uniforms that the employees are required to wear. Why??? I mean, I can understand the point of having uniforms and sometimes they even look nice. What I do not understand is why on earth someone who is opening a business would purposefully choose for their employees to look so ridiculous.

After thinking long and hard I came up with some possible arguments:

  1. The owners are ugly and want their employees to be on their level...or below.
  2. They want customers to find pleasure in seeing these poor employees dressed like clowns. 
  3. The owners actually think the uniforms are flattering and look decent. 
I, for one, think it's very degrading and unnecessary for employees who work at fast food chains and otherwise to wear hideous uniforms that provide nothing extra that regular clothes couldn't. 

Excuse me while I go write letters to owners of all fast food chains to complain about how they are all assholes and bitter. Included in the letter I'll request that employees have uniforms that look more like this: