R.I.P. Flip Flops and the res.

I'm still stuck in July or something. Man, where'd the time go? It's FREEZING outside and it got dark at 8pm.

R.I.P. summer fun. I'll miss you dearly.

I'll miss :

  • trips to the res. Oh how I love the res. Floating, swimming, fishing, laughing...ah, those were good times.
  • playing outside in general. i don't play outside in the winter. barf.
  • sleeping on the tramp
  • going to the cabin
  • my sister. *tear*
  • fishing...even though i am terrible...
  • not having a care in the world...
  • star gazing
  • reading outside
  • reading for fun...fall and winter = reading for school...
  • camping
  • crusin' with the windows down on a hot day. ah, i love that.
  • mostly I'll miss my flip flops. although i still break them out every chance possible, i utterly HATE wearing shoes. 

Things I'm going to look forward to as winter comes:
  • JAZZ season begins on Oct. 1! Can't wait to have Jazz parties. 
  • Volunteer at the Family Support Center 
  • Coach a Jr. Jazz team perhaps
  • Go to school and learn new things. yay. 
  • Sledding with all my favorite kids!
  • Drinking hot chocolate and holding hands to stay warm!
  • Enjoying the beauty of snow, even if I do hate the cold!
  • Volunteer with Hospice
  • Snuggle up in a blanket and star gaze even if it's FREEZING. I like that. 
  • The holidays are always fun. I love spending time with the fam and friends. 
  • Since it gets dark early, now I have an excuse to go to bed at 9pm and not feel lame...well maybe a little lame, but hey!
  • I can buy more sweatshirts and wear sweats to school. yippeeee. 
Overall, I guess what I'm trying to get across is that I'll really miss basking in the sun but I'm gonna make this winter of 2009-2010 the BOMB! 

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