Ode to Ernest and my other Depot cracks

Remember the time I posted THIS about Depot cracks I meet? Well, lets be real, I still meet plenty of cracks and a plethora of very single cracks. Sometimes it's flattering to have so many people think I'm rad, want to tell me their life story, or think I'm their therapist. I mean seriously, I have people tell me the weirdest things I've ever heard... and I'm pretty weird!

For the purpose of this story, however, lets talk about Ernest AKA Ern Dog, Ern, Ernie and sometimes E Dog. I've known Ern since my start at the Depot. He was the scary dude sitting outside the Depot day in and day out that would barely mutter a "hello" as he filled up he mug with ice water, or on rare occassion soda. Sometimes I'm a little obnoxious so I would say hello to him every time he'd step foot into the building. And just so you get the picture, he comes in about 20 times in a normal 6 hour shift.

Well after about three months of Ern ignoring everything I said, one day he decided to tell me his life story. I didn't really understand most of it, as I believe E Dog has some sort of mental disorder, but the parts I did understand made me feel very sad for Ern and very lucky to be me. Well, three months after Ern and I became speaking friends, he invited me over to his house for cookies. I politely declined even though he said he was very lonely and he just wanted friends. I felt bad, but I also wanted to live so I declined again.

The very next day Ernie came into the Depot and announced very excitedly that he found a girlfriend! I wasn't sure whether or not to believe him, but sure enough. Ern Dog got a GF! Good for him. In the almost 6 months I've known Ern, I've never seen him this happy or talkative, it makes my heart smile a little bit for the happy couple. I was actually informed not too long ago that E Dog and his GF got hitched, but really it's been one week since they supposedly met, so for their sake I hope that's not true. I guess whatever makes them happy!

The point of that story was to say that one mans dreams are anothers nightmares. In this case, getting married to a Depot crack would be the nightmare. But on the other hand, I can still be happy for those who are actually happy in said situations.

I like life, it's great!

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