Enoch City Rec Complex: Phase One

If you know where Cedar City is then most likely you also know where Enoch is located. Enoch is a very small town in Utah with no stores and mostly horses with a few people. Anyway, my friend Stacie lives in Enoch and about a year ago she told us that she was working on the "Enoch City Rec Complex". What's wrong with that picture you ask?

A COMPLEX?! Not a center, not a building or a room, but a COMPLEX. In Enoch. Honestly I think I laughed for a good 20 minutes the first time she told me about it. I mean I'm all for getting out, being active and staying healthy. I think it's a good idea for communities to have a place for residents to go in order to promote healhty living. I even think it's cool that Enoch City has decided to do so, I just don't understand the reasoning for calling it a complex.

The best part of this story comes next. Like I said, my friend Stacie started working on this committee and so far this is the only thing that's been actually phsically been done:

I drove by last week and noticed the groundbreaking progress being made out there in ol' Enoch.

Phase one: paint water tank. check.
Phase two: level ground and perhaps plant some grass for some soccer fields. I'll update when that all goes down! Stay tuned.


  1. I to have been waiting for this to all unfold! I drive to the end of midvalley every day on my way home and think, hmmmm, I wonder when this is really going to happen, the building of the "complex"!

  2. I will have you know the sprinklers are just about done:)

  3. LOL... Phase two might be the sprinklers, then Phase three will be the leveling of the ground for some grass, Phase four will be GETTING the grass... Phase five... maybe some soccer goals LOL

  4. well shiiiit, my bad! I'll get right on updating the phases into smaller increments. my bad! :)