just some ramblings i often wonder about...

  • Why is THIS  my favorite website these days? It has even become my effing home page!
  • How come almond M&M's are delicious and I wanna eat the whole bag??
  • So ya know how grilled cheese sandwiches usually only come in kids meals? Why is that?! They are the best thing on earth--they aren't just for children, people! Come on.
  • I like meeting random people at the Depot and I often wonder if they enjoy meeting me. I mean, sure, maybe they don't...but would they come 12 times a day if they really didn't like me?
  • Someone asked about rainbows and somehow or another we got on Noah's ark and God's promise to him about not flooding the earth. I think that's sillllllly. Rainbows are reflections, duh. I can make one if you give me the right tools. Does that make me God? Or does that make me the fulfillment of God's promise? Wow, now we're getting too deep. Love all of you who believe in God and the rainbow promise. What a happy way of looking at life, anyway.
  • Why is it that when I'm most tired I either can't sleep due to other obligations such as work or school, or I try to sleep and just can't. I'm having one of those days right now. I just took 4 sleeping pills. They should kick in ASAP.
  • Do you think people are really born "scared" of the unknown? I mean, do you think we're born with hesitations towards people who are different than we are or do you think it's something we learn? I go with nurture, not nature on this one for sure.

  • Speaking of nature vs. nurture...which one do you pick? Or which percentage of each would you say?
  • And last but not least...why is this considered fashionable????

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  1. Haha. Jilly! You crack me up sometimes! I enjoy reading your blog!