Tonight as I was sitting as work, one of the sheriffs (who I happen to give a lot of shit for hanging out all night at the truck stop) came in and asked if I knew I had a flat tire. I didn't believe him, so I went and looked...sure enough, flat as can be. He went out and pumped his gas and I was just going to call my dad in the morning to have him come help me. Yes, I have been shown how to change a tired multiple times. Could I actually do it? No. Do I want to be able to do it? Not really.

Anyway, the sheriff asked if I had a spare tire. I had no idea-- so he looked and luckily I had one. He put my spare tire on and when I tried to pay him (not much), he declined.

1. I'm grateful to live in a small town.
2. I'm grateful for kind people.
3. I'm grateful that even if I'm a bitch sometimes, people are generally good.

Lesson learned: don't be a bitch to the sheriffs. Or anyone, really. ha

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