On Being Sick:

Life doesn't stop when I'm sick anymore. Damn. Sometimes I miss the days that even when I pretended to be sick, life would stop or even just slow down a little. This week has proven to me that real life never stops--even when I'm sicker than shit.

To prove my theory, I missed one day of work (thanks to wonderful co-workers who stayed long hours) and now I'll be short on my paycheck. This wouldn't matter except that I have bills to pay. I also missed more class than I care to admit. I managed to take 3 exams --don't even wanna know how I did on them, write a couple of papers, and turn in a few assignments.  I also missed a few assignments (I'm hoping they won't ruin my grade) and slept a little longer than I would have liked.

Now that I'm not-so-sick-I-might-die, but rather, I'm sick but dealing with it...I have a lot to catch up on. I hate that part of being sick. The part where you still feel like shit and have to start catching up on everything you missed anyway.

I think it's about time I make a gratitude list because I'm feeling rather "blah":

  • my dad brought me medicine when i was at my worst
  • sof for cleaning my house while she was here for less than 12 hours on her way to SLC
  • my kitties for cuddling me the whole times i was sleeping (3 days total)
  • my co-workers for taking my tuesday night shift. i think i would have died, seriously. thanks guys. 
  • fall weather. i love this time of year. so perfect. 
  • i got a B on my Durkheim paper..the one i thought i'd get an F on..that's cool. 
  • i have a math test and a theory paper due tomorrow-- so glad i feel a little more function for that. 
  • water. is. divine. 
  • cough drops, emergenC and dayquil are my 3 favorite things right now. 
  • shrimp tacos from Del Taco. Yum 
  • planning a trip to see Sof for her birthday in a month or so. so excited. 
  • being ignorant..sometimes I like not knowing the date or time of day...ever. it's kinda nice. haha
  • the weekend is so close i can taste it. while this doesn't necessarily mean i get a real break, i get a break from school and i can finally sleep more than normal. 
  • i get to see sof on saturday night after work for a few hours. i am beyond excited.
  • ben folds five is rocking my world. all day, every day. thanks boys ;)
  • i'm in school, i have a job, and i live by myself. life is good. 
here's to a kickass weekend and a good week next week! 

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