I can do anything for 5 minutes

My lyfe on this lovely Wednesday:

  • work til 7:30am (been here since 8pm on Tuesday)
  • class at 9am until 2pm
  • homework
  • thinking about going on a run...even though i can't run. 
  • more homework
  • WOW Wednesday with April 
  • more homework
  • go to bed at 8pm (in my dreams)

But for real, I don't think I have ever been this tired for this long of a period in my life. And it's not going to get better for at least a year and a half. Good thing I can do anything for "5 minutes" is in my head constantly. I have a lot more 5 minutes to go, but it'll be worth it. I'm not sure where I heard that saying- "I can do anything for (insert amount of time)", but I love it. And I use it all the time. 

So today, I'm saying I can do anything for 30 seconds or I'll probably have a meltdown while reading Durkheim for the 12th hour. 

In happy news, I think I did well on my social psychology exam. I mean, I haven't seen the results but I feel like I knew most of what was going on--and that was surprising. And I'm all caught up in all my other classes (or ahead). This semester is going to be good. I can feel it. 

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